Date(s) - 07/09
3:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Fuchs Lubricants, near bike trailhead

To help kick off SummerFest, the ORA’s Redevelopment program is holding its first major public event at the former Fuchs Lubricants facility at the end of Main Street in Emlenton. The event will highlight and seek feedback on the big changes to come at the site, which is currently undergoing environmental assessment and remediation planning. 

FuchsFest will also bring some small but impactful changes to the Fuchs property while we slowly move through the assessment and remediation process. We’ve been busy freshening up the exterior of the site (as much as one can for a graphite-clogged industrial brownfield), and on the 9th a crew of talented local and regional artists will be leading a public mural-painting event, celebrating the beauty and promise of our area. Local artists Jenny Allen, Melissa Bawa, Rachel Brosnahan, and Sandra Jackson will be putting their own personal spin on the mural project, and the Coop Art Studio has designed a paint-by-numbers panel for those like me with plenty of artistic passion, but not so much talent! We still have a few mural panels available, too, for anyone who might like to join in, whether individually or as a group. 

We are also incredibly fortunate to be joined by two celebrated Pittsburgh muralists, public arts advocate Max Gonzales and Rivers of Steel Featured Artist Shane Pilster, who will collaborate with our local artists to create a one-of-a-kind outdoor masterpiece. Pilster and Gonzales have received numerous accolades for their artistic talent, advocacy, and community involvement, both separately and as a team, and we are thrilled that they have agreed to be part of the FuchsFest event. Besides the welcome addition of their artistry, their participation in this project continues and strengthens our historic link with Pittsburgh, honoring the history and future potential of our region!

Anyone is welcome to join in the FuchsFest event. Whether you are keen to pick up a paintbrush or have something related to Redevelopment that you’d like to share, please come on down on Friday, July 9th, from 3-6.  See you there!