Civic Club

"What's Good in the Valley"

The Civic Club meets every second Tuesday of the month (September-June) at 7p.m. in the Civic Club Building (605 Main Street). Yearly dues of $5 are collected by June’s meeting.

The building is available to rent.
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Officers (2015-2017)

President – Lois Orton
Vice President (Programs) – Rebecca Maguire
Treasurer – Heidi Miller
Secretary – Carla Hays

Board of Directors (2015-2017)

Lois Orton – President
Brenda Beikert – Past President
Tina Zychowski – Past President

Committees (2015-2017)

Projects Committee

Lois Orton, Chairperson
Beverly Eckelbarger • Monica Heal

Scholarship Committee

Donna Louise, Chairperson
Jundy Hanby • Rebecca Maguire

Nominating Committee

Marty Best, Chairperson
Tina Zychowski • Barbara Miller

Building Committee

Bob Eckelbarger, Sam Orton, President (Lois Orton), Fred Hays, Joyce Beikert

Kerr Fund

Rob Foust, Linda Bartley, Joe McElhattan, Beverly Eckelbarger, Carla Hays

Mineral Springs Committee

Lois Orton, Patty Russell, T.D. Russell, Ken Hanby, Joyce Beikert

Emlenton Garden Club Committee

Debe Southworth, Chairperson

Emlenton Civic Club Sign Committee

Lois Orton, Joyce Beikert, Dixie Gordon

Hughes Park Committee

Linda Bartley, Lori Russell

Easter Egg Hunt

Emlenton Echoes 4-H Club

Summer Festival Committee

Tina Zychowski, Chairperson

Light Up Night Committee

Dixie Gordon, Chairperson

Halloween Parade

Marty Best, Marianne Zychowski

Honorary Members

Harry Larimore
James R. Snyder
Gertrude Heasley Sutton
Russell McGinnis
Catherine Gregory Thomas
Ken Hanby